Policy statement


Elite Care is committed to continuous quality improvement in all its programmes of study, particularly in terms of student achievement and in meeting the requirements of the regulatory and awarding bodies. The Centre will investigate any appeal that a student makes about an assessment decision of any major piece of work within 7 working days and report back to the learner.




To ensure all students’ assessment appeals are dealt with efficiently within 7 working days.




  1. To consider any appeal made by a student concerning an assessment decision of any major piece of work

  2. To reassure students that the correct assessment decision is upheld

  3. To ensure that assessment criteria is communicated to students




The appeals procedure is to be used by any Learner who wishes to appeal against an assessment decision on any major piece of work.  All appeals must be written on the Centre Appeals Form, and received within two weeks of the final assessment decision.




  1. If a Learner is unhappy with an assessment decision, s/he should discuss his/her concern with the mentor/assessor and ask for clarification of the assessment process and criteria.

  2. If the situation is not resolved, the Learner should then discuss his/her concern with his/her with the IV.

  3. If the situation is not resolved, the Learner obtains and completes the appeals form and forwards this to the Quality & Development Manager.

  4. The Quality & Development Manager informs and makes arrangements for the work to be re-assessed by another assessor.

  5. If the situation is still not resolved the Quality & Development Manager refers to the managing director for a final decision, which is fed back to the learner and assessor.

  6. The external verifier may, if appropriate, be consulted on the final decision.

  7. If a learner is not satisfied with the final decision that is made by Elite Care  Ltd regarding their appeal, the learner can complain to the relevant awarding body using their own appeals procedure and furthermore if the learner still remains unhappy, the learner can raise their appeal to the Qualification Regulator.