Candidate Records Keeping Policy 

1.         Overview

1.1       Elite Care has completed and signed undertaking documents outlining agreed commitments in accordance with Ofqual First published procedures, enabling Elite Care to deliver approved regulated qualifications, use assessment and quality assurance documents and allow access to data by Awarding body and the regulators upon request.


1.2       The aim of this policy is to ensure that Elite Care retains sufficient assessment and quality assurance records to allow for the review of assessment over time. 


For short first aid and workplace compliance qualifications, all assessment evidence is reviewed and evaluated by awarding body upon request.


2.         Learner Registration

2.1       Elite Care collects data from its learner in accordance with defined awarding body  and supplied documentation.


2.2       Learner details collected:

  1. A hard copy of the physical registration documents for each learner are required to be sent to awarding body by Elite Care and are kept for 5 years centrally by awarding body.  Elite Care will keep the (original) copy of the physical registration documents for 5 years at the Centre.

  2. Digital information is forwarded to awarding body by Elite Care regarding qualifications enrolled upon and achieved. This is stored by awarding body according to the requirements of the Data Protection Act and subsequently the GDPR  that came into force in 2018.


2.3       Learner details obtained from registration documents are:

  1. Prefix

  2. First Name

  3. Family (Surname) Name

  4. Date of Birth

  5. Gender

  6. Ethnicity (Groups based upon 2001 census question)

  7. Postal Address

  8. Postcode

  9. Email Address

  10. Telephone

  11. Mobile

  12. Special Needs & Reasonable Adjustment Request

  13. ULN consent

  14. ULN

  15. Undertaking Signature


3.         Learner Assessment

3.1       Elite Care collects data from its learners in accordance with defined awarding body identified on the qualification specification and other supplied documentation.


3.2       Elite Care sends all physical assessment evidence it has collected to awarding body (retains copies of assessment decisions and learner registers), detailing:

  1. What was assessed, when and by whom

  2. The assessment methods

  3. The assessment decision

  4. Assessor and learner original signatures


3.3       Internal Assessment Verification/Quality Assurance

            Elite Care retains all internal verification records and internal quality assurance activity evidence for its assessors and candidates.  These are maintained according to agreed internal quality assurance plans and made available to awarding body and regulators upon request.  This evidence is stored on the secure awarding body Web Office database.


3.4       Elite Care Staff/Employees

Elite Care also collects data from its staff and employees used for the processing of payroll, invoices, sending of course documentation etc.  Elite Care will treat this data in accordance with current data protection principles. 

4.         Summary

4.1       Elite Care collect and forward to awarding body, the registration, assessment, verification/quality assurance and evaluation evidence from learners and qualifications.


4.2       Elite Care forward all physical evidence to awarding body who will archive for a minimum of 5 years in line with regulatory and internal requirements.


4.3       Elite Care will retain copies of registration documents, qualification assessment decisions, course register and examination documents for a period of 5 years.  These documents are available for inspection by the awarding body and/or regulator as requested.


4.4       If learners request exemption or recognition of prior learning, or a credit transfer then Elite Care will contact awarding body  who will either perform these functions with the learner data or inform Elite Care how to do this function.


4.5       Elite Care has agreed to utilise Elite Care staff and employee data as required ensuring it is stored securely and only retained for as long as it is required.