Enquirer (Customer Charter) Policy 


1.1       Elite Care provides training, uses the assessment criteria as determined by ITC First and aims to provide quality training for all learners.


1.2       This charter makes explicit

  1. Our service commitment to all of our customers

  2. Our level of expectation of the service level required from Elite Care staff

  3. The basis on which customers can provide feedback.



2.         Information Immediately Available upon Telephone or E-mail Enquiry

2.1       Elite Care have a friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and efficient approach and will take the time needed to fully understand your requirements and should be able to supply you with the following information immediately upon enquiry.


  1. All fee structures, costs and resources associated with the qualification

  2. The assessment methods used for qualifications

  3. Qualification training course outline and purpose

  4. Administration procedures

  5. Quality assurance documentation and evidence of assessment decisions affecting learner’s results

  6. Qualification specification, resources & materials required

  7. The policies and procedures of Elite Care Health & safety guidelines

  8. Customer complaints procedure

  9. Appeals procedure


3.         Customer Service Statements

Elite Care will aim to:


  1. Respond to all telephone enquiries during our Office hours (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm). Respond to all recorded telephone messages within 2 working days.

  2. Respond to all verbal, email, fax, website enquiries within 5 working days. Process candidate information and assessment evidence and forward to awarding body  as soon as is reasonably practicable (aim is 48 hours) after course completion. 

  3. Trainers sometimes are on the road and travel to more than one consecutive training venues that will unavoidably delay processing. 

  4. Support Elite Care trainers/assessors delivering Elite Care training events. Acknowledge receipt of any appeal within 2 working days. Investigate appeal and provide a reply within 15 working days (3 weeks).Acknowledge receipt of any complaint within 2 working days.Investigate all complaints and provide a reply within 15 working days (3 weeks).

  5. Maintain and regularly update the awarding body website which is the first port of call for all routine administration and initial information regarding all qualifications and candidates.

  6. Provide feedback to any interested or concerned parties

  7. Review this policy annually.

  8. Consultative and responsive Open and informative Prompt and efficient Streamlined and manageable Cost-effective


5.         Summary Elite Care complaints and appeals procedures

5.1       If you wish to make a complaint or appeal the initial best step is to contact the Elite Care office directly and ask to speak to Elite Care who may be able to deal informally with any issues.

5.2       If you wish to make a formal complaint or appeal the first stage is to ask for, or download Elite Care Complaints/Appeals Policy and then forward the formal document in writing posted to the Elite Care office.