Evidence Upload

When you upload your work you agree and confirm the following:

I have read and understood the  disciplinary regulations concerning conduct in examinations and, in particular, the regulations on plagiarism in my student handbook.


I have read and understood the Education Committee’s information and guidance on academic good practice and plagiarism.

The essay/assignment/project/other submitted work] I am submitting is entirely my own work except where otherwise indicated.

I have clearly indicated the presence of all material I have quoted from other sources, including any diagrams, charts, tables or graphs.

I have clearly indicated the presence of all paraphrased material with appropriate references.

I have acknowledged appropriately any assistance I have received in addition to that provided by my [tutor/supervisor/adviser].

I have not copied from the work of any other candidate.

I have not used the services of any agency providing specimen, model or ghostwritten work in the preparation of this thesis/dissertation/extended essay/assignment/project/other submitted work.

I agree to retain an electronic copy of this work until the publication of my final examination result, except where submission in hand-written format is permitted.

I agree to make any such electronic copy available to the examiners should it be necessary to confirm my word count or to check for plagiarism.