Internal Quality Assurance Policy

1.         Introduction

1.1       Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) is the process of confirming that the assessment decisions made by all associated with Elite Care are accurate and consistent and that the evidence for this process is properly produced and maintained.  Thus maintaining confidence in the integrity of the qualification.


1.2       Elite Care internally verifies that the internal assessment decisions made by those employed by Elite Care comply with the standards published by the Awarding Body, or detailed within the official guidance to the qualification.


1.3       Elite Care also uses the opportunity provided to verify that assessment evidence is collected fairly, consistently and efficiently and that administrative procedures are correctly followed.


1.4       Evidence of Internal Quality Assurance activities undertaken by Elite Care will be archived on the awarding body website.  These activities will include:

  1. IQA of assessment decisions including double assessment [by internal quality assure and assessor]

  2. Team teaching

  3. Standardisation activities

  4. Awarding body CPD events

  5. Thematic reviews of all aspects of candidate journey

  6. Annual observation of training and assessment decisions for each assessor within Elite Care delivering qualifications awarded by any awarding body.


1.5       Evidence to be archived on Centre documents area awarding body  website (the Member’s WebOffice) at least once per year.



2.         Resources required

2.1       Trainers/assessors will have the qualifications and experience to deliver [train and assess] the qualification identified.  All evidence will be archived on awarding body's website (the Member’s WebOffice).


2.2       Elite Care will appraise teaching and confirm assessment judgement of its staff regularly and record the outcomes of this quality assurance activity on the awarding body's website. 


2.3       Elite Care will maintain a file of suitable staff for undertaking internal quality assurance (IQA) activities.


2.4       Elite Care trainers/assessors and internal quality assures will attend a minimum of 1 standardisation meeting per year.


2.5       Elite Care internal quality assurers will hold an internal quality assurer’s qualification or be suitably experienced in assessing the qualification delivered [suitable experience, for Elite Care purposes, will be defined by the number of training courses logged on the awarding body's Website].   E.g. Elite Care internal quality assurers for first aid are required to have delivered [trained + assessed] more than 10 courses and be current [delivered 3+ courses in previous 12 months].


2.6       Elite Care produced sample plan for each assessor for each qualification will be produced annually and archived on the awarding body's website 

3.         Method

3.1      awarding body's assessment methods are described in the qualification specification. Elite Care staff training and internal quality assurance ensures that evidence of appropriate assessment decisions is recorded throughout the  delivery of the qualification.


3.2       The Elite Care internal quality will review assessment decisions, evidence taking and administration activity performed by the assessor.  Ideally the assessment decisions of the assessor and internal quality assurer (IQA) should agree.  The process is designed to identify differences in interpretation and maintain a common interpretation within Elite Care assessors.  Constructive analysis of the decisions made is to be encouraged.


3.3       Where assessment decisions differ, the assessor and  IQA will discuss decisions and interpretation of published assessment guidance documents.  This discussion will be recorded. If further staff training is required this will be identified by Elite Care and provided by Elite Care


3.4       Internal quality assurance documentation will be completed and retained for review and be available for awarding body's and/or its regulators to view. 


3.5       Internal quality assurance documentation will be forwarded to awarding body's and archived on the awarding body's website Centre document archive.


3.6       Elite Care will respond to the guidance generated by awarding body's First external quality assurance activity.

4: Assessor / Candidate Ratio

  • 4.1 First aid course 1:12

  • 4.2 Class room - Teaching and Learning Max 35

  • 4.3 NVQ only  - 50

  • 4.4 Apprenticeships Max 40 

This will be reviewed  on the risk level of an assessor. 

5: IQA/Assessor Ratio

This will be reviewed  on the risk level of an assessor.