Staff Recruitment & Induction Policy



Elite Care recognises its staff as being fundamental to its success. A strategic and professional approach to recruitment processes help enable Elite Care to attract and appoint staff with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfil its strategic aims and support Elite Care values.


Elite Care is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a manner that is systematic, efficient, effective and promotes equality of opportunity.


Recruitment is treated as a key public relations exercise as the manner in which it is managed affects Elite Care’ image, and consequently its ability to attract and appoint high calibre staff.


Our policy is designed to provide a flexible framework which promotes good practice, adopts a proactive approach to equality and diversity issues and supports fully Elite Care core business whist simultaneously complying with current legislation.





  1. General


Elite Care believes that all new employees must be given timely induction training. This training is regarded as a vital part of staff recruitment and integration into the Elite Care working environment. Our policy, associated procedures and guidelines define the Elite Care’s commitment to ensure that all staff are supported during the period of induction to the benefit of the employee and Elite Care alike.


  1. Aim


It is the aim of Elite Care to ensure that staff induction is dealt with in an organised consistent manner to enable staff to be introduced into a new position and working environment expediently, so that they can contribute effectively.


The implementation of good induction practices will ensure the following:-

  • Enable new employees to settle into the Elite Care and become productive efficient members of staff within a short period of time. 

  • Ensure that new entrants are highly motivated and that this motivation is encouraged. 

  • Assist in reducing staff turnover, lateness, absenteeism and poor performance. 

  • Assist in developing a management style where emphasis is on leadership. 

  • Ensure that employees operate in a safe working environment. 

  • Will reduce costs associated with repeated recruitment, training, lost productiveness and time.

  • Ensuring of consistent level of service. 


Elite Care will:

  • Issue guidelines to familiarise staff with the induction process.

  • Ensure all staff are issued with a full Induction Pack.

  • Maintain and update our Induction Policies 

  • Ensure there is effective monitoring of the induction process particularly in the first three months. 

  • Deal with any problems promptly providing an efficient service for both Managers and Staff. 

  • Review all policy, procedure and guideline documents on a regular basis. 

  • Provide relevant formal training courses necessary to assist the induction process. 



How long should induction last?


This depends on each individuals need. For some staff, induction may be completed in a number of days. For others where the role is complex or specific training needs have to be addressed, induction may take several weeks. It is a matter of balancing being both efficient (completing induction as quickly as possible) and effective (giving staff the skills, knowledge, procedures, etc. they require to do their job). This also ensures that new employees are given the opportunity to contribute to the overall improvement and constant review of all our methods and practices.